Outdoor Billboard
Easy Group has a network of hundreds of large billboards in all districts of Hong Kong, which can provide advertisements for the most appropriate locations for major advertisers.   - Can be used as a store signboard to drain consumers to store consumption- For regional release, advertising information can be concentrated to people in a certain area- Building a brand image, the impression of outdoor billboard to consumers is gorgeous and easy to remember- Increase the creativity, external wall advertising includes different elements, such as three-dimensional model, LED banner, etc., greatly improve the advertising efficiency.
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Moving Showroom
The mobile exhibition vehicle was invented and launched by Easy Group in 2007. More than 800 successful cases have been established. The exhibition car allows customers to interact with the products , it is the most effective way to interact and communicate with clients directly. Our company has a variety of promotion truck in different innovative forms, including Naked-eye 3D Truck , Transform Showroom, etc., for different customers to fit their creativity to make your publicity more eye-catching and successful.
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Crystal Bus
The Crystal Bus is the first bus restaurant in Hong Kong. The interior is luxurious and comfortable. More than 100,000 crystals are attached to the car. The upper floor is designed with a card seat and the lower floor is equipped with high-end audio and video design.Launched on March 14th, 18th, and received many media reports, it is well received by the public. Therefore, advertisers can rent crystal buses for product launches, product exhibition promotion venues, pick up company VIPs or hold group dinners, etc. From the rental of ordinary venues, Crystal Bus will attract more consumers to visit and participate actively.
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Advertisement along Victoria Harbour
Want your advertisement to stand out from the rest? Have it cruise along Victoria Harbour!   Victoria Harbour is an important landmark in Hong Kong, not only a popular spot for local citizens; but also a must-see attraction for international tourists. If you want to enhance your brand image and reach an international audience, our creative harbour advertising are the definite choice.   We provide one-stop service from application and ships rental to production and display. You are in good hands with our experienced team in this one-of-a-kind advertisement platform, who has recently completed a major project by showcasing an ultra-sized arm figure on a barge.   Also in 2021, Easy Group launched an advertising campaign for an internationally renowned clothing brand by putting an advertisement on the 3 mast junk Boat that cruises along Victoria Harbour, which drew a lot of attention.   Please contact us for details of advertisement along the harbour. Tell us your wish and we will work our magic.
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Easy Group was established in 2002. Our company has launched a variety of innovative outdoor advertising platforms in the market for many years, including the world's first dynamic advertising, three-dimensional taxi advertising, mobile exhibition vehicles, ice cream trucks and the Crystal Bus in Hong Kong.


Based on the experiences in building large signboards, the world’s creative signboards, and familiar with the regulations by building department. we are able to legalize the illegal signboards, and rent out the signboards to increase the income.


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